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Let’s talk large format…and installation

At Elk Grove Graphics, one of the Vomela Companies, we’re always talking about our “network capabilities.” You know us by our customer intimate operation serving data driven, smaller quantity digital and sheet-fed projects, but we are also excellent in executing and installing large format graphics. So much so that we ranked second nationally for large format print providers according to the wide-format impression 50 list.

As you and your company are presented with large format needs, please consider us a resource for its execution AND installation. Many of times the installation process is just as important as its production. With our nationwide installation team, we can provide services from inception to implementation to ensure the right material will be printed to withstand any and all environments.

We define our value proposition with these characteristics in mind:


No two facilities within the network are the same. Whether it’s the equipment, the staff, or the customer base, every one of our 23 (and growing) locations is unique. This allows individual locations to specialize in niche products like fabric prints, specialty coatings, fleet wraps, and much more. Each specialization adds a capability that serves to strengthen the network as a whole.


Whether it’s raw material or a finished product, large-scale or high-quantity orders can be costly to ship. A nationwide footprint means we can choose production facilities based on the final destination of the product. By cutting the cost of moving and warehousing materials, we can pass our savings on to customers.


With a nationwide network, there’s always more than one backup plan to cover for unforeseen circumstances. In the event of an emergency, work can be “outsourced” within the company, allowing us to meet even the tightest deadlines while maintaining quality.


Our biggest asset is the combined institutional knowledge of our hardworking employees. They come from all walks of life, and many have committed decades of their time to The Vomela Companies. Our customers rely on our print experts in every region of the country, and each of those experts has a personal print network of their own.

Revolutionize your marketing strategy by contacting your sales representative or marketing@elkgrovegraphics.com for a personal demonstration.