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Electronic Storefronts

What are electronic storefronts?

An electronic storefront is a personalized fulfillment service we offer our clients who require enhanced abilities to control and distribute their printed assets and materials within their company. With options available for cost center billing, approval workflows and order tracking, users manage and control the consumption of their assets company-wide. Our storefront offering is a flexible and powerful tool made to integrate with company business rules.

Ease of Use

Our service takes the ease and comfort level of some of your favorite online shopping sites and personalizes it with your company branding and theme. Accounts can be created on demand with fine-grained role and access-based controls so users only see what they need to see. We automated the payment and shipping process to meet your specific needs. Once your order is placed, we take it from there and automatically create, run and ship your job within the agreed upon period.

Take back control

As a versatile tool, your storefront can be as complex or as simple as necessary. With options for static assets such as brochures, inventory pads or service flyers or dynamic assets such as business cards, Elk Grove Graphics can handle your needs. Business cards can be controlled for internal style requirements, ensuring a consistent brand identity regardless of who places the order. You control the ordering process and workflow. With our storefront option, you can keep your orders centralized or as distributed as needed. We have clients who use our service to central manage document distribution between many departments and buildings on their corporate campus, as well as clients who wish to provide business cards and brochures on demand for their road warrior sales teams. All order production or fulfillment is completed in-house, with local, non-local, and international delivery options available.  

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