Multichannel Marketing

Full service print tailored to your specific needs

With more than 20 specialized locations across the continent, our network of specialists can present your brand in many ways.

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For a marketplace with diverse printing needs, Elk Grove Graphics, a Vomela Company, is a specialty-graphics provider offering powerful visual communications via its vast network of printing specialists.

More than just email

Many people think and sell multichannel marketing as simple print and email. There's so much more to it, that they're missing out on some of the true power of these types of campaigns. Here at Elk Grove Graphics, we work with you to create a responsive campaign that can change itself on the fly to meet the needs, and sometimes unexpected developments in your campaign. From simple tracking of responses and timing of materials going out, all the way to coordinating with other marketing entities to increasingly target and repeat your message to qualified candidates, we work with you every step of the way.

The Multifaceted approach to marketing

From emails, to custom reporting, direct mail, list retargeting, confirmation letter campaigns, or just a standard Batch 'n' Blast email campaign, everything generates a report so marketers can study the impact and effectiveness of their campaigns, from email opens, to feedback sent. Everything that can produce a measurable result is tracked and reported on, often in real time.

Agility is a thing

With print and other fixed asset campaigns, once set in motion, they are out of your control and you can only wait for the results to come in, for good or bad. Multichannel campaign efforts, by their nature, when properly executed by a company like us, allow for marketers to react and respond to last minute changes or unforeseen responses within their campaign as it executes.

Did you unearth an unexpected pocket of responses in a region? Our platform allows you to put extra marketing effort there. Not getting the response you want? We can close that area out or cut your campaign short altogether. Your test run booming? We can change your marketing messages in real time to run with it. The limits are your creativity, and our ability to execute.

Standards and ethics compliant

We make every attempt to stay current on all current rules and laws concerning email marketing and work with our customers to stay within those bounds. We follow best practice methods to ensure compatibility with email and other electronic formats, as well as proper use of any other delivery and message platforms you may need to use. We are here to prevent you from losing any of your hard-earned reputation.