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A winning combination

Conventional commercial offset printing allows customers the ability to create high quality custom static print materials with accurate color and registration in mass quantity for a reasonable price. Our top of the line presses, combined with our G7 Master certified processes, and highly knowledgeable operators help ensure perfect print and color registration for the course of your run. Digital offset printing allows us to produce quick turn-around and short run projects efficiently and economically, all with the same high quality features seen in conventional print. Our digital print solution uses the standard 4-color CMYK process, just like a press, and is supported by our G7 certifications for accuracy in color. Geared with some of the best equipment in the business, this offering also introduces the highly sought after Variable Data Printing capabilities that more marketers demand.

Responsible Ownership

We are honored to be part of a select group of certified printers working to conserve the earth’s resources for future generations. From using soy-based inks to recycling of paper, plates, and cleaning solutions, clients can count on the fact that Elk Grove Graphics is a dedicated global citizen committed to providing the highest-quality products while preserving the environment and fostering sustainability. Are you ready to get started with our commercial printing services? Contact us now to speak with a professional or to get a quote started today!  

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