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A Unique Approach

The demands of the pharmaceutical industry are different from most of the other industries we serve. Becoming a strong liaison between the pharma company and other approved vendor resources is paramount.We’ve learned through experience that knowing and supporting all the approved agencies and suppliers hired on any given campaign is critical. We support each and every vendor on a project as though they were the pharma company staff. We understand the enormous time pressures they face in launching large campaigns. Supporting them is the best way we can support our pharma clients.

We handle the chaos

The resources needed to coordinate a new drug launch or major initiative can grow fast. Flexibility and communication takes on layers as different components need to be rushed out to the marketplace. In addition the regulatory factors pharma companies adhere to must always be part of the planning and execution. We are successful at juggling these fast paced programs, staying alert to security issues, and focusing on clear communication and coordination between suppliers. All of these factors lead to us becoming a key partner to the companies we work with and growing this business substantially.


SOC2 certification and HIPAA compliance are very real concerns of this industry. We comply and keep current on best practices as well as 3rd party audits and certifications.


Solution Highlights

  • Collaborating with multiple corporate approved agencies and vendors on campaigns and launches
  • Speed of execution with seamless distribution to many countries and locations
  • Keeping security and trust services up to date and top priority
  • Producing diverse products simultaneously for single campaigns, initiatives and events

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