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Looking to the future

Databases and fundraising solutions give nonprofits the ability to develop best practices for their donor development efforts. They can manage records, segment donors and pull lists to run campaigns and event invitations. With all these tools and data at hand, it is time to maximize these assets to deploy highly personalized messages through various outbound channels and deliver superior results. Our Donor Communications Engine is a deployment tool that deepens donor engagement and assures stakeholders of your stewardship throughout the relationship process. Delivering highly personalized messages through multi-channel marketing (print, email, mobile and social) enables you to optimize your enterprise data system with a closed loop system.

Serving nonprofit organizations for over 30 years, we consider them to be the bedrock of our success. We learned how to supply the services and attention they need while ruthlessly controlling costs. We stay current on all available postal savings and regulations as well as offer new technology that enhances outreach efforts via multi-channel campaigns. We continue to work hard to add value to our nonprofit clients and the people and customers they serve.


Solution Highlights

  • Controlling costs with experience
  • Synchronizing multiple outreach efforts
  • Deepening donor engagement

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