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Print Solutions for Healthcare

The healthcare field is rapidly evolving, as is the regulatory landscape in which marketers and others in the industry must operate. Healthcare providers have unique responsibilities and opportunities to communicate with their diverse audiences. Elk Grove Graphics anticipates and responds to the sensitive needs of our healthcare services clients, achieving optimal results with every message that is delivered. As your multi-channel marketing partner, we offer:

Adaptive, robust campaigns

Marketers in the healthcare industry have almost unlimited potential to offer targeted campaigns to highly specialized segments of the population by tapping the wealth of data at their disposal. We can help your these campaigns target the right people through the right channels, while remaining agile and responsive to you’re the audience’s recipients’ preferences and needs.

Tools that will enhance productivity

Integrated reporting tools allow our clients to effectively manage campaigns and utilize large volumes of data. Efficient data collection and handling enhances both current and future campaigns. and Additionally, compliance reporting becomes more intuitive and seamless.

Data management practices you can trust

We understand that in the healthcare field, there are serious repercussions if data is not handled properly. Our data security model is based on the pillars of confidentiality, availability and integrity of data, which provides our clients with the assurance that the highest standards of data usage are being met. Elk Grove Graphics has extensive experience and a proven record working with clients in the healthcare field. We invite you to explore the case studies on the right to see how our methods can translate into your success.

Solution Highlights

  • New patient engagement
  • Personalizing patient experience
  • Promoting doctor/clinical services
  • Geo-locational marketing

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