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A very real problem

Vendor procurement for the financial services industry has become complex due to a stringent regulatory environment. Since the integrated marketing services we provide to financial companies often require the handling of data, we’ve addressed these concerns on both a policy and operational level using SOC2 accountability practices.

Maintaining the brand

A secondary, but no less pressing issue that many financial institutions face is maintaining branding control and consistency across a variety of departments, locations, and people. We provide solutions to centralize brand and spending control while providing the flexibility for distributed on-demand procurement.

Staying Secure

We understand the obligations financial companies carry for their daily business operations and prioritize a secure environment with policies and procedures created and monitored by accredited accounting firms.


SOC2 certification and HIPAA compliance are very real concerns of the businesses we collaborate with. Therefore we take the initiative to comply and stay current on best practices, making vendor approval a smoother endeavor and putting the institutions we work for at ease.


Solution Highlights

  • Agents and geographic locations have different services and clients
  • Multiple product lines
  • Distribution & response to marketing needs of independent agents
  • Costs control of marketing material
  • Regulatory issues involved in specialized marketing to consumers

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