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Times Are Changing

Educational institutions are facing an enormous shift in the ways their product is procured and delivered. While other industries grapple with disruptive technology changes, education has seen a complete shift in how it is viewed and acquired. Institutions must now be educationally competitive as well as business-savvy. Changes in funding and development are happening at breakneck speed. Attempting to stay relevant, institutions regularly test new and upend old methods of acquiring students and promoting programs, making ROI on marketing dollars is more important than ever in higher education institutions.

Student Acquisition

Student acquisition is reaching new levels of sophistication. It’s no longer a matter of a single generic brochure, college fairs and a tour of the campus. Effective recruitment requires data and market analysis to create on-going campaigns delivering personalized candidate outreach long before they visit the campus. A smarter, targeted use of traditional channels, along with social media platforms is now required. The more data intelligence you can gather the more targeted your brand engagement to potential students will be. A longer a timeline of nurturing provides stronger brand awareness and a more emotional engagement. We can help you set up student acquisition programs that reach out to students throughout the process and create higher brand visibility and response rates.


Advanced degrees and certifications play an important role for university and college systems. They are the pathways to career achievement and increased income for many graduates. Certifications and advanced degrees bring strong professional affiliations to colleges and universities as well as a network of alumni who can become strong recruiters. Finding people ready to enhance their professional lives or personal growth can no longer be accomplished by purchasing a direct mail list and hoping for the best. You have to understand why these individuals need to further their education, convey the specific impacts their education will have and then find where they are most likely to engage your brand. Personalizing the messages you send is now possible and will speak more directly to the needs of prospective students. We can help you convert these valuable candidates into active learning participants with developed multi-channel marketing. Talk with us, it’s time to put big data to work and convert more potential students.


Solution Highlights

  • Creating higher brand visibility and recognition
  • Increasing agility in recruitment marketing
  • Targeting the best candidates

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