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G7 Master Qualification

Elk Grove Graphics has become a qualified printer in the latest ISO color standard, G7. G7 is named for its gray balance calibration technique (“G”) and the seven colors (CMYK + Red, Blue, Green) that are required to color calibrate proofs to press sheets. Our team of professionals went through seven days of on-site training, press blueprinting, proof calibration and testing to earn our Master Printing qualification. This further enhances our commitment to quality and dedication to providing our customers color accurate proofs that will closely match our press sheets according to ISO standards 12647.

Color bar


The color bar is comprised of the standard CMYK color patches, as well as a Gray patch to measure color as shown below. The Gray patch is comprised of 40% Magenta, 40% Yellow and 50% Cyan, so when measured gives a tighter, more accurate range of color.

G7 creates a closed loop for visual appearance from conception to print. The creative team, print buyer, and Elk Grove Graphics can develop a special relationship where the concept, proof, and press sheets remain accurately and reliably matched.

Focusing on gray balance gives the best visual appearance to the eye. This use of gray balance as the primary control measurement allows us to maintain a more consistent control of color throughout the press run.

G7 Advantages:

  • Delivering a color accurate proof of your concept saves you design and production time
  • Assurance of maintaining a consistency in your brand
  • Peace of mind that the proofs you see will accurately match the finished product

We are proud to be one of a select few that has made the investment to be qualified in this important quality control system. Creating a closed loop from conception to print has strengthened our customers’ relationships and further enhanced our company’s reputation for delivering a superior product with unparalleled service.