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File Transfer 101

Back in previous times, getting your electronic assets to anyone outside of your building was an involved process at best. Most people had the option of copying their files onto a floppy, CD, DVD, zip drive, or tape and shipping / messengering it to its final destination. After all this, you would worry if the media sent was good enough to withstand the trip, and then schedule their eventual return.

Luckily, times are different now, and Elk Grove Graphics supports a number of familiar, easy to use, and secure methods of getting your electronic assets from your desktop to ours over the internet.

Some services we support: Please reach out to your sales representative for details.

Secure Web Transfer: Using our secure web transfer service at you can upload your assets into our secure storage and tag it to your salesperson’s attention from your web browser.

FTP over SSL/TLS: Using our encrypted ftp service at ftpes:// you can upload your assets into our secure storage using FTP over TLS (explicit). Files sent via this method can be automated on your end, depending on your internal setup. Please contact your sales representative for an account and details.

Citrix Sharefile: Through the use of a specialized link sent through email, you can upload files of any size through the secure Citrix file sharing service directly to us. Due to the potential for abuse, links are not listed on this website. Please as your representative for their upload link.

HiTail (formerly YouSendIt): Files of any size can be sent directly to our prepress department using our HiTail uplink:

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