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File Preparation Checklist for Postal Presort

This simple preparation checklist will provide the quickest turn-around time and best accuracy for your postal processing lists.

  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) files are the preferred format for transfer and processing.
  • Please limit your address field lengths to 40-60 characters
  • Please remove any data/columns that are not relevant to the mailing
  • Splitting the name apart into separate fields will give best results for personalization
    • Name can be left strung together if we’re just imaging an address block
  • The preferred address block format is:
    • Name
    • Title (optional)
    • Company
    • Extra Address Component (Apartment, suite, room)
    • Street Address
    • City
    • State Abbreviation
    • Zip
    • Zip +4 (Optional)
  • If sending a MS Excel document
    • Please consider saving in CSV format instead
    • Remove all formatting, text wrapping, cell combining, etc
    • Stay aware of any record limits per sheet
    • Please alert us if there are multiple sheets in a workbook
    • Make sure any zip fields are formatted as TEXT, not numeric.
  • Please provide a record count with your files if possible so we can confirm and missing or extra names.

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