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The American Dental Association needed to develop a color standard across their network of designers and printers so their print projects would always be in alignment with their brand guidelines and colors.

As design software and print technology continues to evolve, developing a color management standard becomes increasingly important. Most of the problems related to matching colors on the press are caused by a wide divergence of equipment, software, workflow and expertise of print service provides. Very recently, Pantone updated their four-color process densities to provide designers a much wider color gamut to use, Color Bridge Plus. This new series of colors changed many of their four-color process densities thus affecting changes to their logo and brand. For example, Pantone 165 C has a CMYK value of 0-59-96-0, whereas Pantone Color Bridge Plus 165 C has the CMYK value of 0-68-98-0. This variation needs to be communicated to all designers and printers when executing print projects.


The American Dental Association selected Elk Grove Graphics to accomplish the following:

Setting the standard of using the new Pantone ColorBridge Plus for the design and formulation of all their print collateral.

Using the G7 certification to bring all digital and sheet-fed presses and proofing devices in compliance with one another and closing the loop from visual appearance to print.

Printing a catalog of color swatches on uncoated, dull and gloss stocks so all their constituents can match their colors accurately and consistently.

Our team delivered on each of these objectives and also reinforced additional advantages of saving design and production time, maintaining a consistency in their brand and peace of mind that all of their projects will be accurately matched.

We have executed several of these color management standards for our customers and we would enjoy an opportunity to add value to your brand. We understand these challenges and have developed a process of standardization to bring superior color consistency and results across all their print collateral.

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