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Elevating Print Communication
Print builds a close relationship with its readers that digital media can't replicate. It has a feeling of substance; it stimulates the senses and demands the full attention of the reader. Print allows a marketer to gain access to people's homes and lives to deliver...

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Leveraging Multi-Channel Deployment
Direct mail, email, websites, social media and text messaging are all fundamental elements to an integrated multi-channel marketing program. Such coordinated programs incorporate data and content to communicate...

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Creating Measurable Results
ROI has never been more important, and post mortem reporting is insufficient. As deployment of multi-channel marketing campaigns increases, so does the complexity of data collection...

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EGG University
Important and current information about print industry best practices, postal information, and making the best decisions concerning your printed material.

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Elk Grove Graphics is a dynamic printing services and communications company that prides itself on elevating print, deploying multi-channel marketing campaigns and creating measurable results. As data changes the way we communicate with our target audiences, the Elk Grove Graphics team and service offerings are perfectly positioned to help you unlock superior results.


Advanced Technology — Deep Experience — Commitment to Quality

  • Digital & Commercial Print

    Digital & Commercial Print

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    Variable Data Printing

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    Electronic Storefronts

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  • Pick & Pack / Kitting & Fulfillment

    Pick & Pack / Kitting & Fulfillment

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    Direct Mailing Services

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Full service print tailored to your specific needs.


We provide our current financial service clients with solutions ranging from online stores and dashboards for managing marketing and promotional materials, to direct mail campaigns that support local branches and offices nationally. Elk Grove Graphics enforces SOC2 Standards and certification to ensure the high level of business, process, and data storage integrity financial institutions require. Easy and secure file transfer options are available to all clients.
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Associations require flexible, dynamic ways to communicate diverse offerings to their member base and beyond. Elk Grove Graphics is a valued partner in this space with our broad range of fully customizable solutions translating into success for associations of all sizes. Membership Acquisition, Membership Retention, Membership Meetings, and Certification Programs are the areas where we have collaborated with many national associations.
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Marketers and others involved in the healthcare industry need a trusted partner who understands the demands of working in this space. Elk Grove Graphics has a proven ability to anticipate and respond to the sensitive needs of this rapidly evolving field. We remain current with the stringent HIPAA compliance standards in order to ensure peace of mind for our healthcare services clients.
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The timely distribution of complex packaged marketing programs requires people with the experience and dedication to coordinate large scale marketing launches. Understanding the challenges the pharmaceutical industry faces, both legally and logistically, to execute such marketing campaigns is imperative. We are familiar with the special issues involved in the manufacturing, assembly and distribution.
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Data driven marketing based on analysis of the target audience is key to working with the education marketing community. Reaching students has become a fast-paced endeavor as the market deals with sweeping changes in everything from content delivery to marketing cost containment. Student recruitment and ongoing engagement are issues we are familiar with and would be happy to discuss with you.
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Our history of working with nonprofit organizations has afforded us the tools to create valued partnerships that last. We started this company servicing nonprofits and have learned the best practices for cost effective marketing delivery and appeal. Inception through delivery, we help devise ways to control postage and production costs while maximizing campaign results. From data handling, multi-channel campaigns to direct mail marketing, we cover the bases for our nonprofit customers.
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